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Apple returns parental control app OurPact to App Store after February purge

[2019.07.12, Fri 02:12] By Mikey Campbell Thursday, July 11, 2019, 05:47 pm PT. Some five months after Apple struck parental control app OurPact from the App Store over user privacy concerns, the company reinstated the title this week without comment. OurPact noted the change in policy in a statement to Reuters on Thursday, framing the reinstatement as a sign that Apple has modified its stance on apps that use Mobile Device Management technology. OurPact was removed from the App Store in February as part of a wider culling of apps that relied on MDM technology to monitor and manage the time users spend using devices like iPhone and iPad. At the time, Apple said the apps violate various App Store Review Guidelines including those that prohibit unapproved use of public APIs. Apple denied the allegations, saying, "We treat all apps the same, including those that compete with our own services. Our incentive is to have a vibrant app ecosystem that provides consumers access to as many quality apps as possible." In response, at least 17 companies marketing banned parental control and device management apps called on Apple to release a public API that grants access to Screen Time data, thereby bypassing the need for MDM integration. While Apple declined to create a Screen Time API, it did ease App Store restrictions related to the use of MDM and Virtual Private Network tools. OurPact is one of the first parental control apps to return to the App Store since Apple began to remove offending titles from the online marketplace last December. Google the news >>

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