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Apple's Shock iPhone Redesign Suddenly Takes Shape

[2019.07.12, Fri 02:08] Kuo reveals Apple is redesigning its iPhones with the iPhone 11 being the last model to look like the iPhone X. And this is only half the story. According to Kuo, Apple has developed a new front-facing camera lens which will allow it to shrink its TrueDepth camera array and, in turn, significantly reduce the size of the iPhone's polarising notch. In addition to this, Kuo states that Apple will fit these iPhones we a completely new camera system made up of a seven-element lens system. By contrast, while moving to a triple lens array, the iPhone 11 is expected to retain a six-element lens for its primary camera just like the iPhone XS and iPhone X before it. The iPhone XR's jump to OLED. JPMorgan recently backed this information and went a step further, stating that Apple will introduce 5G across all models. While we know all 2019 iPhones will be limited to 4G. Interestingly, Apple is laying the foundations for all these changes thanks to a new logic board that will debut inside the iPhone 11. Unless you want to be stuck with an iPhone sporting an old design and 4G in a rapidly moving 5G world, 2019 is not the year to upgrade your iPhone. Google the news >>

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