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Why rapper AJ Tracey puts independence before profits

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:56] Silva was the subject of Tracey's 2016 collaboration with rapper Dave. The success is sweeter, Tracey says, because he's built his career from the ground up. "For me, being independent is about being able to express myself exactly how I want to, instead of maximising profits," says Tracey. It's certainly hard to imagine a major label releasing an album as wilfully eclectic as AJ Tracey's self-titled debut, which encompasses country guitars, Caribbean soca rhythm and claustrophobic grime beats, all wrapped around the story of his life so far. Tracey says his work ethic came from his upbringing in London's Ladbroke Grove, where he was born Ché Wolton Grant in 1994. A rapper from the age of six, he initially performed under the names Looney and Loonz before adopting the moniker AJ Tracey in 2014. Asked why no-one's managed it before now, Tracey says America isn't ready for the British accent. Google the news >>

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