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The coal mine that ate Hambacher forest

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:52] The forest sits atop one of the largest coalfields in Europe and since mining started in 1978 the trees have been gradually stripped away to allow the excavators access to the riches that lie beneath - millions of tons of coal, coal that keeps industry running in this part of Germany and provides thousands of people with a living. To add insult to injury, the coal that is extracted here is brown coal, also known as lignite, which emits particularly high levels of carbon dioxide. Brown coal is worse than ordinary coal - for health and the climate - because more must be burned to produce the same amount of energy. Surface mines, like the Hambacher mine, have as little respect for villages as they have for forests. That's not happened here but the activists have not endeared themselves to the villagers. People in Manheim, it seems, are defenders of coal, despite the imminent loss of their village; coal has provided jobs in this region for decades. He's an activist and photographer who lives in a village nearby and has documented the gradual destruction of Manheim over several years. Google the news >>

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