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Sutopo: Indonesia mourns disaster spokesman and fake news warrior

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:50] AFP There has been an outpouring of grief and tributes in Indonesia after the death of national disaster spokesperson Sutopo Nugroho. As the BBC's former Indonesia editor Rebecca Henschke writes, "Father Topo" played a vital role in a country facing twin battles of disasters and fake news. At a time when he was battling his own disaster, lung cancer, he single-handedly provided constant updates on two tsunamis, numerous major volcanic eruptions, landslides and earthquakes which all hit Indonesia last year. Like many countries, Indonesia is struggling to combat fake news and Sutopo waged a war on misleading and wrong information. The head of the disaster mitigation agency, Doni Munardo, described him to mourners as a "Hero to humanity" who had dedicated his life to Indonesia and its people. Sutopo himself was at times critical of Indonesia's disaster mitigation efforts, highlighting the fact that the tsunami early warning system put in place after the Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami had long been broken. Some are asking if the disaster information system was too reliant on one man. Google the news >>

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