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Good gut bacteria 'helps starving children'

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:36] A diet rich in bananas, chickpeas and peanuts improves gut bacteria in malnourished children, helping kick-start their growth, research suggests. These foods were found to be particularly good at boosting healthy microbes, in a US study of children in Bangladesh. The World Health Organization said about 150 million children under five around the world were malnourished. As well as being weak and small, many malnourished children end up with incomplete or "Immature" communities of bacteria in the gut, compared with healthy children of the same age. Researchers had studied the main types of bacteria present in the healthy guts of Bangladeshi children. Next, in a one-month trial, reported in the journal Science, involving 68 malnourished Bangladeshi children aged 12-18 months, the research team tested out different diets on small groups. Prof Gordon said it wasn't yet completely clear why these foods worked best but a much larger trial was now being carried out to see if the diet had long-term effects on children's weight and height gain. Google the news >>

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