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'I was forced to marry my cousin'

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:34] Nyla Khan says she was taken from Scotland at the age of 17 and forced to marry her cousin in Pakistan. Nyla, who is now 30, had a "Really strict upbringing" in a Mirpuri Muslim family. Nyla refused but she says they begged her "Non-stop" and eventually she felt forced to give in. Nyla says the community could not believe that her parents took her back after what she had done. Nyla got a divorce and went on to study social work at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. The latest figures from the UK government's Forced Marriage Unit show they gave advice or support to a possible forced marriage in 1,764 cases last year - a 47% rise. "Nyla says:"I don't think we have found the proper solution yet. Google the news >>

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