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A team of chemists are searching for a new red pigment

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:20] In particular, bright reds, much desired for their attention-grabbing qualities, are tricky to make, and each of the existing options has flaws. The especially vivid reds made from cadmium, lead and mercury are toxic and so their use is now restricted. The hunt is therefore on for a non-toxic, non-controversial, chemically stable red. The perfect red has so far eluded Dr Subramanian-in part because it is hard to predict the colour of a material before you make it. The green of emeralds and the red of rubies are both caused by chromium atoms, but the atoms in question are bonded into their respective lattices in different ways. Many inorganic reds, including those based on cadmium, lead and mercury, are semiconductors. Shrinking the band gaps of such materials just that little bit further, to the point where a brilliant red is reflected instead, has so far proved beyond their chemical skills. Google the news >>

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