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Amazon is eyeing billions in federal contracts

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:16] OVER THE past decade Amazon Web Services lured untold numbers of consumers and corporations onto its billowing cloud. Jeff Bezos, Amazon's boss, is going after a potentially more lucrative customer: the government. The CIA led the way in 2013 by awarding a $600m cloud contract to Amazon. President Donald Trump has criticised Amazon and Mr Bezos over two dozen times on Twitter. The Washington Post reported that Deap Ubhi, a former Amazon executive named in the lawsuit, tweeted, "Once an Amazonian, always an Amazonian", in praise of Mr Bezos, while allegedly involved in designing the JEDI process. The final complication is a potential backlash over Amazon's cosiness with government. In May some shareholders at Amazon's annual meeting called for it to stop selling facial-recognition software to governments. Google the news >>

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