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The business of the body

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:14] The centrepiece of his Temple of Health in London was a celestial bed that he claimed could combat sterility and produce perfect babies by pouring out waves of magnetism. Welcome to the cult of wellness, a phenomenon of mind-and-body worship that is moving beyond the boutique to shake up industries from health, food and beauty to insurance and property. PwC, a consultancy, estimates that what it calls the market for "Wellcare", incorporating preventive health, nutrition, fitness and beauty, was worth $810bn last year. Private health was mostly a business-to-business enterprise, involving hospitals, insurers, drug firms and employers. The lines between industries such as Big Pharma and Big Food are blurring-witness the growth of nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. Through it all runs technology: fitness, stress-relief and health apps are now central to the growth of wearable devices such as smart watches. Health apps have the potential to misuse data, exacerbate eating disorders and keep people permanently on a treadmill. Google the news >>

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