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Superhuman tries to reinvent email

[2019.07.12, Fri 01:02] EVEN FUTURE-OBSESSED Silicon Valley occasionally looks back in time. A case in point is Superhuman, a service that aims to reinvent something as antediluvian as email. Superhuman tries to speed emailing up-no command is meant to take longer than one-tenth of a second to execute-while making it less taxing. Keyboard shortcuts, conversion of messages to tasks, instant unsubscribing from newsletters and other tricks, plus nudges to get people to use them, can cut emailing time by half, boosters claim. The firm regularly quizzes users and adds features requested by the most committed among them. Superhuman has you sit through video-conference tutorials. The service has welcomed 15,000 users, each paying $30 a month for the privilege. Google the news >>

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