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YouTube is giving creators more ways to make money

[2019.07.12, Fri 00:50] At last year's VidCon, YouTube also introduced Channel Memberships - an expansion of YouTube Gaming's previous Twitch-like "Sponsorship" model, where fans pay a subscription to gain access to special features associated with a favorite channel. Their channel membership revenue increased by 6x after they rolled out two more expensive pricing tiers, YouTube said. YouTube took a small commission on the sales, but said the majority went to the creator - along with the money made from the merch sales themselves. YouTube says "Thousands" of channels have more than doubled their revenue since launch thanks to the Merch shelf, Super Chat and Channel Memberships. It said copyright owners now have to specify the timestamp in the video their content appears, while creators will be able to use an updated version of YouTube Creator Studio to easily remove the portion of the content associated with the claim. In the grand scheme of things, YouTube has a lot on its plate beyond a few stickers and new ways to sell swag. These are the sorts of tools that lock in creators to the YouTube platform, even amid threats from other large tech companies like Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat, which just announced new creator shows. Google the news >>

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