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YouTube is launching educational playlists that won’t include algorithmic recommendations

[2019.07.12, Fri 00:48] YouTube is introducing a new education feature called Learning Playlists that will offer dedicated landing pages for educational videos on a variety of topics, including math, science, music, and language. The pages will also be notably free from recommended videos, letting viewers focus on their lessons without distractions. YouTube has come under fire for its algorithm-driven recommended videos that can sometimes lead viewers toward radicalizing or other troubling content. Though the company has been reluctant to turn off recommendations in the past because it would drive less traffic to other videos, removing recommended videos from Learning Playlists shows that YouTube isn't taking any chances when it comes to getting educational content right. Videos won't autoplay at the end of a playlist either, so there's no chance you'll fall asleep during chemistry lessons and wake up to videos about conspiracy theories. The platform has been working with creators and educational organizations to expand educational content in the past year. Last October, YouTube announced that it was investing $20 million toward these creators and resources through a Learning Fund initiative. Google the news >>

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