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YouTube is adding more ways for creators to make money

[2019.07.12, Fri 00:46] YouTube is adding more ways for video creators to make money, as the company and its users work toward becoming less reliant on sometimes-uncertain advertising deals. During a presentation at VidCon today, YouTube announced that more than 90,000 channels use Super Chat, with some streams pulling in more than $400 per minute. Over the past couple years, YouTube has been expanding the ways creators can make money directly from their viewers. The features also allow YouTube to better compete with platforms like Twitch and Patreon, which have been particularly successful in giving creators new ways to bring in money. YouTube takes a cut of money that passes from viewers to creators. As part of its efforts to help creators earn more money, YouTube is adding new merch partners for them to work with. As efforts like channel memberships - which are now available to any creator with more than 30,000 subscribers - continue to grow, YouTube has refined its monetization practices to let creators better tailor their experiences to fans. Google the news >>

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