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Coincidence or conspiracy? Twitter abuzz after global crash during Trump’s bias & free speech tirade

[2019.07.12, Fri 00:42] First the platform's executives were not invited to the White House social media summit, then it experienced technical difficulties and a global outage, provoking whispers of a conspiracy. Twitter says the worldwide outages were caused by "An internal configuration change," but many of its users soon smelled a rat, claiming foul play was afoot. Twitter goes down amid Trump's social media summit. "I wonder if ... Twitter experienced alleged 'technical difficulties' to sabotage Trump & his fellow patriots?" one Trump supporter inquired. "Few days ago Facebook and Instagram had outages. Today, Twitter had outages. So on the day of the White House social media summit, might we consider that Trump's Russian buddies are flexing their cyber-muscles? 2 bad Trump doesn't care." "Can't wait to hear about how the deep state did the Twitter outage to combat Trump's social media summit or something," one person commented incredulously. Social media companies were not invited to Thursday's summit, which focused on "Influencers," but Trump did say he would invite their executives to the White House within the month - and made it clear he would not take no for an answer. Google the news >>

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