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Theresa May announces body to tackle social injustice

[2019.07.12, Fri 00:32] AFP Theresa May has announced plans for a new body to monitor government efforts to tackle "Deep-seated societal injustice". The outgoing prime minister said an Office for Tackling Injustices would use data to "Provide the catalyst" for better policies. The pledge to combat "Burning injustices" was one she made during her first speech as PM in 2016. Labour said Mrs May had failed to tackle injustices while in office. She added that policies such as mandatory reporting on the gender pay gap had shown how data could be used to tackle existing cases of injustice. "In response, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said:"On her first day in office, the prime minister promised to tackle burning injustices, but instead gave us the Windrush scandal. "The only way to tackle burning injustices is the election of a Labour government that will transform our country so it works for the many not, the few." Google the news >>

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