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Solutions spotlight: Operational analytics go beyond data science

[2019.12.03, Tue 02:03] 's Automation Solutions business to talk operational analytics. Today, I'm on location at the 2019 Emerson Global users Exchange in Nashville, Tennessee, and I'm joined by Peters Zornio, chief technology officer for Emerson's Automation Solutions business to talk operational analytics. Analytics has certainly been a major theme of this week's conference, and I think some people in our space are a bit intimidated by the concept, thinking that all analytics require some sort of data science degree. Why not have someone at the plant level be in charge of what's happening with the analyticS as well as being accountable for taking corrective action when the analytics tells him that something needs to be done. KL: Obviously sensors are at the heart of both kinds of analytics whether its data analytics or first-principles analytics. KL: Many operational analytics opportunities are of course in brownfield facilities where there are many disparate sources of data. They specialize in data integration projects, helping customers to develop a strategy and a sustainable data infrastructure to enable these kinds of analytics applications.
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