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Atari delays crowdfunded VCS console deliveries until spring

[2019.12.03, Tue 01:05] Atari said it has delayed shipment of the Atari VCS game console until the spring, the second time it's done so for fans who placed their preorders on IndieGogo. Chief operating office Michael Arzt said in a post last week that the Atari VCS will not ship to IndieGogo supporters in December as previously promised. Rob Wyatt, a co-creator of the Xbox and cofounder of The Last Gameboard, said he quit as lead architect for Atari, and he said that Atari did not pay his company, Tin Giant, for six months of work. Atari did not respond to a request for comment on that claim, but the company did say that the VCS will ship. Atari began talking about the new console in June 2017. The VCS has the look of Atari's classic machines, but it can play older Atari games such as titles for the Atari 2600, but it is not purely a retro console. The game has modern hardware and it runs the Linux operating system, so that fans can get modern games to run on the machine as well as the older titles.
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