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Now that you can easily transfer photos out of Facebook, will you stay?

[2019.12.03, Tue 00:05] Facebook on Monday announced a new feature that will begin rolling out in Ireland before spreading elsewhere: The ability to transfer your Facebook photos directly to other platforms without having to download them first. For many people who have been on Facebook for a decade or longer, the social network can act as a default photo vault or archive. Photos, Jamison said, keep people on Facebook, but not necessarily active, and now Facebook needs to be careful to make sure its new tools are designed to bring people back. "The sharing should be designed in a way that makes Facebook a platform of choice for storing things that we can move later," said Jamison. "There's pressure from governments that perhaps Facebook is too big, perhaps it has too much data," Jamison said. He did say he hopes it would allow Facebook competitors to enter the game more easily and be a net good for competition, especially if Facebook has gotten complacent. "If what's keeping people on Facebook is the photos, and that lock-in is there, you might see a competing social network that's more focused on photos arise," he said.
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