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How event marketing tech can land you in the C-suite (VB Live)

[2019.12.02, Mon 19:05] Event marketing technology is the key to making events your opportunity to reach, engage, and convert new customers. To learn how to make them a meaningful portion of your overall marketing budget, and have demonstrable results every time, don't miss this VB Live event. The only way to unlock maximum value from an event you host or sponsor is to bring it online, which requires event technology. One of Cvent's case studies is a large software company that held events as a big piece of their marketing mix, but didn't know how effective they were. They were unsure of which events were more effective than others, how to allocate the events budget in the best ways, or whether they should even run an event versus diverting that to another marketing tactic. With event technology they were able to track attribution of their event program to demonstrate their effectiveness. To learn more about how events work at each point of the buyer's journey and why, the most important metrics to track, how to optimize for success, and more, don't miss this VB Live event.
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