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Sonos Cyber Monday deals: stop what you're doing NOW and go shop the and Amazon Sonos sales

[2019.12.02, Mon 18:05] It's Cyber Monday and the deals at Sonos are GOOD. Sonos One and One SL are at their lowest ever prices and there's also money off Sonos Sub, Sonos Beam Sonos Playbar, Sonos Amp Sonos bloody EVERYTHING, basically. With $100 off a pair of Sonos One speakers, if you were put together a 5.1 Sonos home cinema system with them, a Beam, Playbase or Playbar and a Sub, you'd save up to $380. In the UK, where barely anyone even knows what Cyber Monday even is, there are also some great deals that end at midnight. Shop the Sonos sale NOW in the USA. Shop the Sonos sale NOW in the UK. While there are always deals on older Sonos speakers at Amazon and elsewhere, Sonos is here rolling out its big guns. Thisis one of the few Sonos speakers NOT to get a discount from Sonos itself, but Amazon has stepped up with a whopping £41 off. Intriguingly, while Sonos has left it out of its sale, Amazon has £30 off the brand spanking new Sonos Move. Perhaps you're after a Sonos home cinema bargain? Again, the Amazon Black Friday deals department springs to your aid with £54 off the Sonos Sub. That's 10% off RRP and still pretty good as Sonos One deals go.
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