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Epic Simba Cyber Monday deal slashes 40% off mattresses and bedding LIVE NOW

[2019.12.02, Mon 14:05] There are three Simba bundles to choose from: the Cyber Elite Hybrid Bundle, the Cyber Dual Pillow bundle, and the Cyber Lite bundle. The smallest Lite bundle is our favourite mattress Cyber Monday deal so far. That's because the Simba Lite bundle is the cheapest way ever to buy a Simba mattress. Add two height adjustable Hybrid Pillows and the temperature-regulating Hybrid duvet to your Simba mattress purchase, and you'll get a free deluxe mattress protector plus up to 40% off your order. The Hybrid Basics Bundle: save up to 31% + get a free Simba mattress protectorThis is the deal to choose if you just want to buy the mattress. It's the cheapest way to buy a Simba mattress ever: you get a free deluxe mattress protector added to your mattress order, and then a 31% discount - that's up to £362 off your Simba mattress. Simba bedding: save up to 60%The Simba Cyber Monday sale also extends to bedding and travel accessories.
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