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Grab Amazon's Echo Dot for just $23 right now at Best Buy for Cyber Monday

[2019.12.02, Mon 14:05] The biggest day of the year for deals on consumer electronics is here! Yes, that's right, Cyber Monday 2019 is upon us and with it some absolutely scorching price cuts on a whole range of brand new products from the major retailers. T3 has spent the weekend, which started with Black Friday, finding all of the very best deals on the web right now across a huge range of products. One product that caught our eye was a deal on the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, which is just $23, down from the usual $49.99. It's like an Echo, just a lot smaller and cuter. Amazon's Echo has been something of a cult hit within the tech world, as people realised the benefits to owning a device that can control other smart home devices, do small tasks, play music, and so on. What if the Echo is too big and bulky? Well, Amazon has the Echo Dot, a puck-like device that fits almost anywhere. That's really the idea behind the Dot: take what makes the Echo great and put it into a smaller device that can go anywhere.
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