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Kone monetizes connected elevators with Alexa, music-streaming, and digital displays

[2019.12.02, Mon 13:05] Elevators of the future will have "Virtual windows," voice-activated controls, music-streaming, and more - that's if Kone has its way, at least. Translated into the skyscraper realm, Kone is striving to make elevators a platform, allowing its clients to tailor services such as music, customize digital displays with local information or panoramic views via "Virtual windows," improve accessibility, and enable voice commands. The new Kone DX Class elevators build on a digital platform first unveiled by Kone last year, and which has been available as an upgrade to customers looking to modernize their elevator systems. BlindSquare, alongside Alexa, hint at the possibilities offered by connected elevators in terms of improving accessibility. The fledgling Finnish startup is working with Kone to help building owners direct visually impaired users toward the elevator using beacons and an app - BlindSquare essentially tracks the location of the user in relation to the elevator to keep them on the right path via a mobile app. The Kone DX Class elevators will be available in Europe first from December 2019, with other markets following in 2020. The connected elevator isn't a new phenomenon, as most of the big providers - including Kone - already leverage sensors and analytics for predictive maintenance.
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