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Facebook lets users transfer images directly to Google Photos as part of data portability program

[2019.12.02, Mon 11:05] Facebook will allow its users to transfer all their photos and videos out of its platform and directly into Google Photos, representing the first major step in an ongoing initiative to address concerns - and new regulations - around data portability. Today's news pertains more directly to the open source Data Transfer Project announced last year by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter, with Apple joining the party just a few months ago. Facebook already offers a data export tool that gives users a copy of some of the data that Facebook holds on them - but this in itself doesn't make the data all that usable. The new data transfer tool is available now in Ireland as part of the pilot phase, though Facebook has committed to rolling it out globally in early 2020, and it can be accessed from within the settings menu in each Facebook account. While Facebook's official line is that it firmly believes in data portability as a concept, it is worth noting here that are a growing number of regulations around the world that specifically address the need for data portability in digital products. Europe's General Data Protection Regulation, which took effect last May, stipulates that users must be able to easily transport their data between services. Being able to transfer photos and videos between services is just one step in this portability process, and many argue that users should be able to transfer their entire social graph between services to make it easier for rival social networks to compete with Facebook's dominance.
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