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China now requires face scans for all new mobile phone accounts

[2019.12.02, Mon 10:05] China on Sunday put into effect new regulations that require Chinese telecom carriers to scan the faces of users registering new mobile phone services, a move the government says is aimed at cracking down on fraud. The rules, first announced in September, mean millions more people will come under the purview of facial recognition technology in China. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology did not say which companies will provide the telecoms providers with these services but China is home to some of the world's leaders in facial recognition software, including Megvii and SenseTime. China's telecom operators must now use facial recognition technology and other means to verify the identity of people opening new mobile phone accounts. China's three largest carriers are state-owned China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile. The metro systems of some major Chinese cities have announced they will use the technology, with government-owned newspaper China Daily saying Beijing will use it to "Classify passengers" to allow for "Different security check measures". Last week, China's Internet regulator announced new rules governing the use of deepfake technology, which uses AI to create hyper-realistic videos where a person appears to say or do something they did not.
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