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Cyber Monday DNA deal: AncestryDNA testing kit down by 45% till midnight at Amazon

[2019.12.02, Mon 09:05] DNA testing is very popular right now, and not just with former Jeremy Kyle Show participants. Although we can't tell you about your past, we can tell you that your future won't feature a cut-price Ancestry DNA deal unless you buy this one before 11:59pm on December 2 - because that's when Cyber Monday ends. That's because the very well reviewed DNA testing kit from AncestryDNA, one of the absolute foremost available today, is discounted in the Cyber Monday sales by 45 per cent, which translates as a direct £40.00 price cut. The AncestryDNA kit lets you discover your ancestry, get a detailed ethnicity breakdown and then find relatives from a huge global database. AncestryDNA has real pedigree in this field, having been setup way back in 2012, and in T3's best DNA testing kit guide write up of the company, we said that AncenstryDNA was the "Best DNA testing kit for tracking relatives". So the fact that you can pick up this kit right now with a big £40 saving is a great deal. For a complete overview of the top DNA kits on the market, be sure to check out T3's best DNA testing kit buying guide, which concisely describes the strengths and weaknesses.
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