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Iran Inaugurates Risky Investment Fund to Create Jobs for Youth

[2019.12.02, Mon 08:03] Addressing the ceremony to launch one of these funds, Iran's Vice President of Science and Technology Sorena Sattari stressed that the ecosystem of risky investment had to be revived in previous years. Sattari further noted that several risky investment funds have already been set up in the country, but the process is slow and needs to be boosted. "A look at the lives of businessmen in Iran shows that we have had this culture in the country. They educated young people for entrepreneurship," continued Sattari. Sattari, who is also the head of Iran's National Elites Foundation, said in technological ecosystems the accelerators play the same role in increasing the pace of technology and innovation. Risky investment is the investment in the thinking and creativity of young people. Sattari said the first phase saw huge government investment in education, which has yet to yield results as other components of the innovation and technology ecosystem are not merged with that. "Of course, these human resource centres do not provide this ecosystem for the country because oil money is involved. We need more startups to fix it. The creation of innovation zones in cities has already begun. In the next two years we will have more than one million square metres of innovation space around cities."
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