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How Can Industry IoT Give An Expert Touch To Enterprises?

[2019.12.02, Mon 08:03] IIoT connects machines and gadgets in power generation, transportation, and healthcare industries. The IIoT is different from other IoT technologies which focus on connecting machines and devices in industries such as oil and gas, healthcare and power utilities. The IIoT takes PCs from IT to operational technology, opening up a range of instrumentation possibilities that can lead to significant gains in efficiency and profitability for most industrial operations. The service life of IIoT devices is longer than consumer gadget. IIoT has many security problems offering poorly secured security cameras and other tools into a huge DDoS weapon. Collaboration with legacy technology: Most older equipment is not designed to provide modern IIoT software with information in an understandable format. People: Getting most out of IIoT usually requires ML, data science, and real-time analytics professionalism - not to mention anything about advanced networking engineering expertise.
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