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[2019.12.02, Mon 08:03] The Air Force Research Laboratory Scholars Program aspires to accomplish more, offering a stipend-paid internship open to undergraduate, graduate, and upper-level high school students who hope to pursue a degree in STEM. "For many students, an internship is an opportunity to gain valuable work experience," said technology outreach branch program manager Matthew Fetrow in a news release. "What makes our internships different is that at AFRL these young people are actually doing hands-on, amazing research. We've structured the program so that they are contributing to our mission." AFRL's Scholars Program involves students into actual research projects and initiatives scientists and engineers are working on and giving them responsibility and input. "Students are paired with mentors that work to guide them in their chosen field," AFRL Scholars Program coordinator Julie McCullough said in a statement. "While in the program, they are given an opportunity to work autonomously on the research they are interested in and that's unprecedented in most internships." "They're all contributing significant work, and the program is set up that way intentionally. Patents are produced, academic papers are written, and new ideas are formulated. We're trying to build skills for these young people, but AFRL is getting quality research out of it. I think that's a unique goal for an internship program." There are opportunities for students that range anywhere from high school juniors and seniors, to visiting professors looking to further their knowledge of working research.
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