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Iran Ranks 15th in Global Web of Science Standing

[2019.12.02, Mon 07:03] Despite warnings about obsessive concern with the quantity of articles, the citable scientific articles published in reputable journals with a high impact factor are considered an index of scientific progress in various countries. In 2018, Iran has been 15th in the ranking of countries with publications in the WOS database in terms of the number of articles and citations. More than 2,680,000 documents have been published in the Web of Science in 2018, including 2,435,053 articles and reviews. While different indices and metrics have been developed to evaluate and rate a scientific journal -such as the Hirsch-index and the Eigenfactor score-researchers still compete to have their best articles published in the journals with a higher impact factor. A review of the articles available in the WOS database in 2018 indicates that Iran has published 6,912 articles in the journals with an impact factor of above four. The Islamic Republic of Iran has been ranked 21st in the world in terms of publishing articles in the journals with an impact factor of greater than four. The Iranian Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has established the Federation of Scientific Elites to offer facilities to the scientific society, the faculty members and the top researchers for promoting science at the national and international level.
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