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[2019.12.02, Mon 07:03] Dr Judith Mowatt, head of the Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine, popularly called the Forensic Lab, has expressed confidence that it is ready for the increased demands for its services now that the police are relying more on technology to fight crime. Last Wednesday Mowatt told the Observer that she is prepared for any uptick in demand, as the lab is committed to having forensics serve justice. According to Mowatt, the lab has also received new machines for ballistics testing and has the latest technology available. "So let's say an incident occurred in St Catherine and the evidence is brought to us; if that same gun pops up in St Andrew we are able to tell the police that it is the same gun," declared Mowatt, adding the lab has received support from several political administrations over the years. Mowatt said the only challenge facing the lab now is staffing, but they are using creative methods, including hiring interns and people on contract, to provide the numbers. In a recent exclusive interview with the Observer, General Anderson had expressed confidence that what was once the JCF Forensic Lab would be able to meet the demand of his detectives for test results. "As our investigators get more concerned about forensics, ballistics and all of that, the load on the lab will increase significantly but I have always found them responsive. There is clearly a need for additional capacity and they are putting things in place, including technology, to allow for a quicker turnaround time," added General Anderson.
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