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Amazon won Black Friday with this amazing Sony A8G OLED 4K TV deal

[2019.12.02, Mon 04:05] The Sony Master Series A8G is one of the best 4K TVs money can buy, and it's on sale right now at Amazon for as much as $1,500 off. To be more specific, the 55-inch Sony Master Series A8G OLED 4K TV has been reduced from $2,300 to $1,500, while the 65-inch Sony Master Series OLED 4K TV has been discounted from $3,500 to $2,000. There isn't a massive difference between the Sony Master Series A8G and the flagship Sony Master Series A9G, with the main being that the latter has Sony's latest X1 Ultimate CPU on board, versus the X1 Extreme found on the former. Sure, if money is no object and you have your heart set on having the best of the best, opt for the Sony Master Series A9G. But for everyone else, the Sony Master Series A8G is definitely the way to go. So if you want to breathe fresh life into your home entertainment, then look no further than this fantastic offer on the Sony Master Series A8G. It's sleek, futuristic, and looks incredible - and that's when the screen is turned off. Now throw one of the best 4K Ultra HD OLED screens into the mix, and you have the full package - all at a discount for Black Friday 2019. After something a bit different? There are a number of fantastic Black Friday TV deals available right now, including a 43-inch Samsung NU6900 for $230, a 55-inch TCL 4-Series for $480, a 60-inch LG UM6950 for $400, a 65-inch Vizio V-Series for $450, and a 70-inch Samsung 6-Series for $550. So there's no reason to not take home a shiny new 4K TV this Black Friday.
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