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Explaining Everything From WATCHMEN’s Explosive 7th Episode

[2019.12.02, Mon 04:03] Yes, someone actually theorized Angela's husband Cal was Dr. Manhattan in disguise. HBO. What we do know is their ultimate goal: Joe Keene and Cyclops are going to try and capture, destroy, and become Dr. Manhattan. HBO. In 1985, Dr. Manhattan left the complications of mankind behind. At some point-and based on Angela's age hopefully in the late '90s at the earliest, since Dr. Manhattan did date a 16-year-old Laurie Blake once-he returned to Earth and Vietnam. Will told Lady Trieu, who then created a fake news feed of Dr. Manhattan on Mars to help hide the truth. Her conversation with Angela strongly implies she knows the truth about Cal, but she also seems to hate Dr. Manhattan. The Millennium Clock might stop the Seventh Kavalry, but what if it stops Dr. Manhattan too? The only thing that might be scarier than Dr. Manhattan leaving Earth is him coming back.
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