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Samsung Reveals Radical New Galaxy Smartphone Camera Tech

[2019.12.02, Mon 00:03] Samsung researchers have developed a new image processing technique which could result in a significant improvement in image quality from digital cameras including smartphones. The research team, from the Samsung R&D Institute in Bengaluru India, claims to outperform current image processing algorithms in several key areas resulting in visibly sharper, more detailed images from existing sensors. The technique is a new method of 'demosaicing' the raw image data captured by camera sensors. The advantage of this new method is in its ability to work well across all types of photos without specific training on different types of images as previously required. When compared to state-of-the-art methods, the new technique demonstrates greater clarity in detailed portions of the image while unwanted effects such as color fringing are reduced. Relatively small quality enhancements at the start of the image processing pipeline can have far-reaching effects on smartphone photography as many advanced functions and camera modes rely on getting the best input possible. All of these small improvements are the type likely to affect camera benchmarks such as those carried out by DxOMark, leading to potentially higher scores for Samsung smartphones in the future.
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