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Black hole detector would be big, big science and it could be built here

[2019.11.29, Fri 01:03] Local scientists have begun the groundwork for a campaign to potentially make Australia the site of one of the biggest science instruments ever built. "There is no doubt in my mind that Australia is the best location for this," says Professor Matthew Bailes, who directs the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery and is spearheading Australia's bid, along with Professor David McClelland at the Australian National University. Explorer South is a next-generation gravity wave detector. A white paper for the gravity wave project was quietly submitted to the Australian Academy of Science earlier this year, proposing an initial $5 million investment to begin exploratory work. A third detector in the southern hemisphere - Cosmic Explorer South - would allow scientists to triangulate the source of any waves they detected. Senior experts from the National Science Foundation, the American government's science funding agency, are aware of Australia's interest. The government needs long lead times on science mega-projects, and there is a lot of due diligence to do before asking for government funding, Professor Bailes says.
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