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The Ford F-150 vs Tesla Cybertruck tug-of-war rematch may not happen after all

[2019.11.27, Wed 19:05] These are the words of Tesla boss Elon Musk, who on Monday accepted Ford's challenge to another tug-of-war between his recently unveiled Cybertruck and an F-150 - the most popular pickup truck in the world. The gauntlet was thrown down by Sunny Madra, head of the automaker's Ford X mobility venture lab, after Musk showed a tug-of-war video between the two vehicles at the Cybertruck event on Friday, November 22. Sure enough, the Cybertruck dragged the F-150 along the asphalt, its tires screeching as it tried, in vain, to pull the other way. Madra was having none of it, hitting Twitter to challenge Musk to a towing test where Ford can select the F-150 model itself. "Hey Elon Musk, send us a Cybertruck and we will do the apples to apples test for you," Madra wrote in a tweet posted on Monday. It seems more than likely that the F-150 used in the challenge wasn't the most powerful model, while Musk declined to mention which Cybertruck they used - there are three versions, with the tug-of-war possibly involving the top-spec all-wheel-drive tri-motor version that's capable of towing 14,000 pounds. Madra's eagerness for a rematch on equal terms doesn't seem to be shared by the rest of Ford management.
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