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Mind-reading A.I. analyzes your brainwaves to guess what video you're watching

[2019.11.27, Wed 19:05] Engineers at Russian robotics research company Neurobotics Lab have shown that artificial intelligence really can be trained to read minds - and guess what videos users are watching based entirely on their brainwaves alone. "We have demonstrated that observing visual scenes of different content affects the human brainwaves, so that we can distinguish the scene categories from by analyzing the corresponding EEG signal," Anatoly Bobe, an engineer of Neurorobotics Lab in Moscow, told Digital Trends. "We [then] created a system for reconstructing the images from EEG signal features." The researchers trained the A.I. by showing it video clips of different objects, alongside the brainwave recordings of the people watching them. Many of these have focused on fMRI analysis rather than EEG. As Bobe pointed out, "fMRI signals contain much more information on brain processes than EEG." But a drawback of fMRI is that it requires large and expensive equipment that is only found in clinics. EEG, while being a more difficult and less reliable signal, is easier to utilize. "Our system can be used in, for example, post-stroke rehabilitation, when a person needs either to exercise his brain in order to regain his cognitive abilities or needs to send mental commands through an EEG interface," Bobe said.
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