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UT celebrates Geographic Information Science Day by launching new geospatial tool

[2019.11.14, Thu 07:03] The University celebrated Geographic Information System Day on Wednesday by educating faculty and students about the growing field of research during several events across campus. Geospatial data contains both location information as well as information about what is going on in that location, geospatial data coordinator Michael Shensky said. Geographic information system analyst Zachary Berry said the system offers people access to information ranging from a building's height and size to its material and builder. "You're taking everything in the world that has a spatial location and then assigning all different kinds of information to each of those things individually." Shensky said professionals in fields such as history or architecture can use the information in the portal for their own work, such as studying historic trade routes or observing landscape designs. "What we would like to see overtime is researchers incorporating that information into their work, students using it in class projects and faculty and staff researchers using it to gain new insight into what they are working on." Sue Stewart, senior information technology manager for the University, said taking foundational courses is a good way for students to learn some of the skills needed to use the system.
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