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Opinion: Science education

[2019.11.14, Thu 07:03] Despite three national policies on science and technology in the last three decades and rapid expansion in the number of private colleges and universities in Nepal, science education still lacks definitive plans and programmes. To stay engaged while waiting for admission to colleges in Nepal and abroad. Science and technology has not been the first choice of students in Nepal due to limited employment opportunities. Programme in TU. Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and Purbanchal University do not give emphasis to general science in the B.Sc. The malpractice of setting the final questions is widespread in all universities throughout Nepal. Universities in Nepal should change their academic programmes in science and technology to meet the market demand, local interest, and ensure employment opportunities for the graduates. The universities should include life science in all disciplines of science and technology to meet the growing demand of globalisation. The administrative department in the higher education institutions should be digitalised and also modernised to optimise the existing human resources in the university.
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