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Invest in science and technology, Ndalichako urges African countries

[2019.11.14, Thu 06:03] Minister for Education, Science, and Technology, Prof Joyce Ndalichako made the call on Monday in Dar es Salaam when speaking at the official opening of the five-day 'African Science Granting Council 2019'. Prof Ndalichako also called on the council member states to identify scientific and technological problems and implementing jointly the flagship research innovation programme in social sector for the future benefit of science and technology. According to her, science forms the basis for sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the society through increase in productivity, employment creation and competitiveness. "For this to happen there must be investment in science as well as technology transfer resulting to new products," she said. "Prof Ndalichako further said:"Tanzanian government is looking forward to receive recommendation from the meeting and work on it for the better future of funding science technology and innovation in Africa. Director General for COSTECH Dr Amos Nungu said that the commission is part of the Science Granting Councils Initiative in sub-Saharan Africa, which is a five-year initiative launched in 2015. African Science Granting Councils meeting is co-hosted by the Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology in collaboration with the South Africa National Research Foundation and African Technological Policy Studies Network.
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