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John Carmack moves to ‘consulting CTO' role at Oculus

[2019.11.14, Thu 02:05] John Carmack is stepping down from his full-time position as chief technology officer at Facebook Oculus virtual reality division. Carmack said in a Facebook post that he will be a "Consulting CTO" going forward. Carmack started at Oculus in 2013 as CTO and helped popularize the movement to bring consumer VR back to the masses with modern technology. He weathered a lawsuit between ZeniMax, which bought his old company id Software, and Facebook over the ownership of the VR technology that Carmack worked on with Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus. Long considered one of the greatest minds working in game development, Carmack was a cofounder of id Software, maker of the seminal first-person shooter games such as Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. At Oculus, Carmack was known for his extemporaneous, free-wheeling, two-hour keynote speeches about VR in which he held engineers and programmers spellbound with his knowledge about VR. He also gave freely of his time, going around the event and answering questions from people from the VR community who surrounded him. In his post, Carmack said he is going to work on artificial general intelligence.
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