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Disney+ doesn't include Michael Jackson's Simpsons episode

[2019.11.14, Thu 02:05] In the lead-up to Disney+, Disney bragged that its streaming service would contain the complete 30-season run of The Simpsons. When watching The Simpsons on Disney+, the show jumps from "Blood Feud," the second season finale, to "Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington," the second episode of the third season. The Simpsons' producers removed "Stark Raving Dad" from circulation on television shortly after HBO aired the documentary Leaving Neverland, in which two men accused Jackson of sexually harassing them when they were children. Although Jackson provided Kompowsky's voice, he appeared in the episode uncredited, leading fans to speculate whether it was actually Jackson or a talented soundalike playing the part. Simpsons creator Matt Groening confirmed that Jackson really did play Kompowsky in an interview in 2018, explaining that the late musician loved Bart Simpson but couldn't officially appear on the show for contractual reasons. For similar reasons, Jackson only provided Kompowsky's speaking voice in "Stark Raving Dad." Kipp Lennon, a Jackson impersonator, performed the vocals on "Happy Birthday, Lisa," the song that Kompowsky sings in the episode. In addition to every episode of The Simpsons, Disney+ contains over 600 movies and television shows from Disney's eclectic catalog.
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