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Scientists join Democrats in panning EPA's 'secret science' rule

[2019.11.14, Thu 01:03] Scientists join Democrats in panning EPA's 'secret science' rule. "These efforts pay cheap lip service to improving scientific integrity and transparency, but their true purpose is to undermine the decades of sound science on which EPA relies to protect our air, water and the health and safety of the American people,". "Any form of this rule essentially guarantees that political agendas are given more weight than science in EPA rule-making." "Science transparency does not weaken science, quite the contrary. By requiring transparency, scientists will be required to publish hypothesis and experimental data for other scientists to review and discuss, requiring the science to withstand skepticism and peer review," the agency wrote. "Currently scientists don't share that data for ethical and legal reasons," said Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, adding that the EPA should reconsider a rule that could have "a chilling effect on research overall." Many critics say the board was not given enough time to review the proposal overall or help craft a fix for sensitive information, hoping to fast-track those recommendations and turn them over by the end of the year - just before EPA is set to release its science transparency rule. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici has asked the EPA to hold off on finalizing a rule until the National Academy of Sciences can conduct a review.
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