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Rune II publisher didn't know developer Human Head was closing

[2019.11.13, Wed 23:05] Earlier today, GamesBeat reported that Rune II developer Human Head has shut down. "Yesterday, we successfully launched Rune II onto the Epic Games Store and the game's demand has exceeded our expectations," the Ragnarok team said in a statement. "Today, developer Human Head Studios announced that it closed its doors and will be starting a new studio," reads the Ragnarok statement. Publisher Ragnarok Game did say that Human Head was supposed to work on Rune II for the foreseeable future. "Human Head had a longstanding agreement with Rune II's publisher, Ragnarok Game, LLC, to provide ongoing support for the game," reads the Ragnarok statement. "Our plan remains to continue working on Rune II and launch onto other PC platforms in 2020," reads the statement. "We're excited to show you the future of Rune II content."
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