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Hearthstone devs are happy to finally bring dragons to the Year of the Dragon

[2019.11.13, Wed 22:05] For a year that the digital card game has called the Year of the Dragons, it's nice to see the winged beasts finally become the stars of a set for the first time since Blackrock Mountain came out back in 2015. We're in the year of the dragon, right? It's been exciting to finally pump out all of these dragons that we have in Descent of Dragons and a bunch of legendary dragons coming back, being able to do those aspects again. Dawson: We wanted to give the opportunity that every class in Descent of Dragons can play a dragon deck. One thing with Descent of Dragons - the thing that we wanted to make sure we got into the last set of the year was dragons. Laughs] We did the Year of the Dragon, but I think there were three dragons so far? Now there's a lot! Now you're all going to be able to play all those dragon decks. Mechanically and functionally and on the ladder, you're going to see those dragon decks, because it's the year of the dragon. It's one of those things where we were sitting around and thinking, okay, we have all these dragon aspects coming back, what's Togwaggle going to do? What makes sense here? A dragon made out of wax! He just summoned this wax dragon.
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