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Nintendo 64's eBay consoles sales rocket up 205% over 2018

[2019.11.13, Wed 20:05] In September, eBay customers bought an average of 2 Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 64 consoles per minute. You can get an Nintendo 64 with working cables and an official controller starting at around $60. The game cartridges are going to cost you some extra on top of that. One of the possible reasons for N64's spiking popularity is that Nintendo has filled the demand for NES and Super Nintendo. In recent years, the company launched the NES Classic and Super Nintendo Classic, which are miniaturized versions of the consoles with a number of built-in retro games. Now Nintendo has even released many of its most beloved 8-bit and 16-bit as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service. So Nintendo fans have a lot of ways to play those early Nintendo games. "Our focus right now is absolutely on our dedicated platforms such as Nintendo Switch Lite and our flagship Nintendo Switch," Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser told The Verge in an interview last week.
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