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Here's everything new about the 16-inch MacBook Pro

[2019.11.13, Wed 20:05] Following months of rumors and leaks, Apple announced a new 16-inch MacBook Pro model. Both the 15 and 16 inch MacBook Pro will share the same 16:10 aspect ratio, but the screen resolution will be different for that larger size. Moving on to the keyboard, there's quite the difference between the 15-inch MacBook and 16-inch MacBook Pro. On the bright side, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro sports a new "Magic Keyboard" which looks to resolve those problems. Typing on the new MacBook Pro should feel more similar to the 2015 MacBook Pro than the 2018 MacBook Pro. Thanks to new thermals, Apple says the 16-inch MacBook Pro can run at higher power for longer times with 12 more watts compared to the older 15-inch MacBook. If you're looking to buy a new MacBook Pro, it will make sense to buy the newer 16-inch MacBook.
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