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A few points to ponder about the misconceptions surrounding science

[2019.11.13, Wed 20:03] The letter expresses misconceptions about the scientific method and the scientific process that I would like to clarify. At least three scientific peers in the field as well as the editor of the scientific journal, who by the way is the person who chooses the reviewers, carefully vet every aspect of the scientific publication to make sure that the methodology was sound and the interpretations are supported by the evidence. Fourth, disagreement about scientific interpretations is one of the hallmarks of the scientific method. Scientific consensus is also a hallmark of the scientific endeavor, because science is also a body of accumulated knowledge that is so well supported by evidence that this knowledge is extremely unlikely to be wrong. Though science is always open to challenge and revision, there are many scientific concepts that are so well supported at this point that it is extremely unlikely that these concepts are wrong. Of course, the fact that the scientific consensus on this issue is still out, does not help women and mothers to know whether talcum powder is safe or not and of course often we wish that science already knows more than we currently do. Climate science is much further along from a scientific perspective than the research regarding talcum powder and ovarian cancer - the scientific consensus is there and we know at this point that the current global warming is human-caused.
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