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GitHub launches Arctic Code Vault to preserve open source software for 1,000 years

[2019.11.13, Wed 19:05] GitHub today shared plans to open the Arctic Code Vault, an effort to store and preserve open-source software like Flutter and TensorFlow. The code will be housed in a decommissioned coal mine in Svalbard, Norway, the same city chosen to host a global seed vault. Things started earlier this year with thousands of popular GitHub projects like Blockchain, WordPress, or programming languages like Rust or Ruby, but the Arctic Code Vault will be extended to all public repositories in February. GitHub is used by more than 40 million developers and currently host more than 100 million repositories, according to the 2019 Octoverse report. "Nothing big will ever happen again without software," GitHub CEO Nat Friedman said when explaining why the Arctic Code Vault was created. A number of updates for developers collaborating on GitHub were also introduced today including Actions and Packages in general availability and iOS and Android mobile apps. The GitHub Arctic Code Vault is a part of the GitHub Archive Program, a collaboration between the Microsoft's GitHub and groups like the Internet Archive, The Long Now Foundation and Microsoft Research's Project Silica, which seeks to store data on glass.
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